who we are

Carbon Road is an ESG technology company in the carbon-neutral field,
focusing on three core businesses: global carbon credit project development and investment, global carbon asset trading, and climate derivatives.
We are the world's leading developer of large-scale carbon emission reduction project and biodiversity projects.

Technology protects earth
Take care of the planet with technology.
think globally.
The core team of Carbon Road is one of the world's first leaders to enter the domestic and foreign carbon markets. Since 2006, We has been deeply involved in the industry for decades and has extensive experience in carbon credit product development, carbon trading, carbon management, carbon finance, etc., Since then, we grow high industry popularity and gain long-term mutual trust trading partners from all over the world. With the promotion of China's 30·60 decarbonisation strategy, Carbon Road is willing to contribute its own experience and ability to tackle climate change.
Win-win Cooperation
We have extensive experience in climate financial product development, carbon asset management, clean energy-related technologies and industrial energy conservation, rural revitalization and green development, as well as industrial investment and operation management. We are also willing to join hands with our long-term partners: Fortune 500 energy companies, large enterprises at home and abroad, government agencies, green funds, government funds, carbon funds, etc. Through the "cooperation, win-win" model, with professional technical capabilities, rich market resources and financial innovation tools, we help customers achieve green business upgrades and optimal allocation of carbon assets.
Embrace a Sustainable Future
We help achieve the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals by developing high-quality climate products that address global challenges, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. Our activities help local governments fasten the progress of rural revitalization. Our projects are the best practices of the "two mountains" theory in the context of dual carbon.