Elite Team
Over 15 years of experience
Carbon Road was established by the world's first group of climate market rule-makers, trading market makers, and top traders. It has experience in emission market development and trading, and has absorbed and accumulated experience in advanced climate product development, carbon trading and carbon index management at home and abroad. It also has senior industry experts in the fields of ecological environmental protection and climate change from well-known universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, and from Accenture in the United States and the chairman of the board of directors of overseas listed energy companies.
Professional talents
Carbon Road has gathered a group of professional talents who are full of feelings and have a sense of mission to the cause of the human community with a shared future. Through the excellent technical ability of the team, we strive for the earth, the environment, the natural ecology, and the blue sky and white clouds for the mission and goal of the enterprise. We encourage passion and down-to-earth, we encourage initiative and independent thinking, we advocate integrity and adherence to the bottom line. Our goal is the stars and the sea, but also the foot of the green mountains